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About TSW Pandas

With its geographic advantage, love and passion for the game, along with the values we learnt from rugby, our first generation of players had a dream to have a rugby franchise in the North West of New Territories. After countless productive meetings with the Hong Kong Rugby Union the club was founded in 2011. 

Our initial vision was to promote a healthy lifestyle through regular sporting activities, and after an amazing unbeaten first season we grew our ambition into developing special local talents. Since the club grew from 50 to 200 members in 4 seasons, we knew we could touch a wider audience with our story. Our vision is to provide a platform where we can develop and inspire individuals to realise and reach their fullest potential. We do this through holistic development guided by the values of the game, and we raise awareness of the importance of giving back to the society. 

To achieve our targets we have initiated a Colts rugby section, creating a vertical pipeline through to the senior rugby section, setting up a competitive environment for our members to excel with local development at the core of our philosophy. 

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